1. How do I use this?

  2. Nice theme!

  3. I like this theme.But,i want image search for gallery and image have a download button.

  4. Test Again

  5. How to use the caoption effekt? ^^

  6. Amazing gallery!

  7. test component

  8. hi please include icons also in this theme.

  9. thats great

  10. I cannot modify any template from child theme.when i insert html it doesn’t showing in the site.what’s the problem??

  11. Hi Guys
    I did not find the Gallery page in the installation of this theme and only see an example page.
    How can I get it Please?

  12. Darron Chadwick : July 15, 2015 at 6:35 am

    Can you add a Buy it Now button or something like it you the gallery images

  13. nice theme ..finally ready my site

  14. Hello. I have problem with images. When I click on img I get new website with my image only, without template (white site with img). How can I do this black border like this example. I’m working on localhost.

  15. Testing the comment section of this wordpress theme.

  16. What is the plugin for the gallery? I like that the best,

  17. is it possible to inser potrait pictures in the gallery?

  18. How can I add a slideshow on the main page?

  19. Renda Lingerie : October 22, 2015 at 5:38 pm

    Realy nice theme 😀

  20. how can I merge comment, message and recent post into1 like right sidebar on home page?

  21. Hello
    Is that different categories of the gallery can be done ?

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